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  ECPGR Vigna Database  

Find here the main documentation - the National Inventory of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture in Austria. This database contains comprehensive information about ex situ collections of Austrian genebanks.
GENBANK.AT provides access to Passport Data e.g. accession (variety) name, accession number, maintaining institute and country of origin for each accession. Additional information about Characterization Data and photos is partly available.

Plant of the month - Garden burnet

This wild growing delicacy probably is little known to many.  The Garden burnet Sanguisorba sp., was grown in former times in the house gardens as a spice plant and for salad. For this both the leafes and the roots were used. The latin genus name Sanguisorba (sanguis - blood and sorbere - absorb) points out to its haemostatic quality.
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