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Vigna Database


Vigna Characterization Descriptors

General Accession Information:   

Accession number              ACCENUMB

Year of characterization    YEAR

Accession name                 ACCENAME


Growth habit (evaluated in the 6th week after sowing) HABIT
  1    Acute erect (branches form acute angles with main stem)
  2    Erect (branching angle less acute than above)
  3    Semi-erect (branches perpendicular to main stem, but not touch ground)      4     Intermediate (lower branches touch the ground)
  5     Semi-prostrate (main stem reaches 20 or more centimetres)
  6     Prostrate (plants flat on ground; branches spread several metres)
  7     Climbing


Days to flowering (Days to 50% flowering)       DAYSFLOWER
Number of days from sowing until the 50% of plants have begun to flower. Recorded for plants with the same sowing date, at the same location, each year

Flower colour                   FLOWERCOLOR
    1 White
    2 Violet
    3 Mauve-pink
    99 Other (specify in descriptor Notes)


Pod length (cm)               PODLENGTH
Average length of the 10 longest mature pods from 10 randomly selected plants

Days to pod maturity
Number of days from sowing to stage when 95% of plants have mature pods

Mature pod colour
    1 Pale tan or straw
    2 Dark tan
    3 Dark brown
    4 Black or dark purple
    99 Other (specify in NOTES)

Number of pods per peduncle
Recorded under total insect control. Average number of 10 randomly selected peduncles


Seed coat colour(s)
(at maturity)    SEEDCOLOR
    1 White
    2 Cream
    3 Brown
    4 Red
    5 Purple
    6 Black
    99 Other (i.e. yellow or blue, specify in descriptor NOTES)

Eye colour                             EYECOLOR
    0 Eye absent (white, cream)
    1 Brown splash or gray
    2 Tan brown
    3 Red
    4 Green
    5 Blue to black
    6 Blue to black spots or mottle
    7 Speckled (even distribution of fine speckling)
    8 Mottled (dark brown pigment typically absent around hilum)
    9 Mottled and speckled (Victor)
   99 Other (specify in descriptor NOTES)

100-kernel mass (g)              HKM
    Weight of 100 seeds at 12% moisture content

Protein content
(%)                PROTEIN



Cowpea (yellow) mosaic virus     CPMVIRUS

Notes                               NOTES
Any additional information may be specified here, particularly that referring to the category 99=Other present in some of the descriptors above.

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